Digital Marketing Consultant in Cork

If you’re looking for a digital marketing consultant in Cork then you’ve come to the right place. Relay Digital is powered by Digital marketing consultant and strategist Ian O’Leary. Ian has 10 years experience in digital marketing from start ups, to multinationals in both B2B and B2C. Ian has worked as an in house industry based Digital Marketing Manager to Head of Digital for an international marketing agency in Ireland. Whether your a start up looking to etch out your first digital strategy or an established organisation looking to improve your lead generation tactics, Ian O’Leary and Relay Digital can provide you with the direction, advice and support to help you reach your targets. Based in Kinsale, Co. Cork but operating at both a national and international level, we work remotely to with clients all over the globe.

What does a Digital Marketing Consultant do?

In essence a digital marketing consultant can help you in a variety of ways. Knowing why you need the help of a digital consultant clear in your mind before approaching potential consultants is very important. 

Project based consultancy could be anything from project managing the build of a new website or launching a digital strategy for a new target market. Or maybe you need a consultant to help you shape your overall online presence and direction. Digital consultancy can also work in a similar vein to digital mentoring for a specific member of your team. Hiring a digital mentor to help train and develop your digital marketing executive in the world of online advertising is an excellent way of up-skilling your current staff.

Regardless of your requirements a digital marketing consultant can help you hit your goals and objectives by providing fresh eyes and a strategic mindset to your business and marketing efforts.

How much does a digital marketing consultant in Cork cost?

At Relay Digital we work on a project by project base for our consultancy jobs. We only work with a select number of clients at any one time to ensure we provide the value and dedicated expertise that our clients require. 

We price our consultancy jobs based on a number of factors, such as:

  • Marketing Spend
  • Project Scope
  • Level of Support Needed
  • Time Commitment 
  • Potential Revenue 
We offer a completely free complimentary call to help you scope out and understand how much a digital consultant in Cork could cost you, just ask or contact us here.

How to get started with Relay Digital Consultancy?

At Relay Digital we provide an open, honest and value based service to our clients. Our passion is digital and even if we discover that we’re not the right fit for each other we promise that after your complimentary call with us you’ll have a clearer and better understanding of who, what and where you need to go next.